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How many hours do you spend in your backyard, playing with your dog, barbecuing with friends or relaxing after a day’s work? Have you considered how important curb appeal is when you sell a home? Is there a landscaping project you’ve been dreaming about?

Since 1998, Matthew Behm Landscaping has become one of the leading landscape companies in Durham Region. We have the knowledge and experience to complete your landscaping projects and to a high level of quality and at a reasonable cost. Constructions Services include:

interlock ponds outdoor living
flagstone rock gardens patios
planting gardens walkways
interlock and flagstone porch
Interlock and Flagstone PorchHave you completed your landscaping and then realized the porch makes the job look un-finished? Maybe your porch is cracked and tired looking. Covering the top with interlocking stone or square cut flagstone while capping the sides with wall stone can complete the look. Tying this in with the natural stone steps or armour stone will make the entrance more natural looking.

interlock driveway
Interlock DrivewayAre you in the market for a new driveway but uninspired by the traditional choice between asphalt and concrete? Interlocking brick is an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners and is a practical way to enhance the outside appearance of your home. You can also incorporate a mix of an interlock and/or concrete. There are many different designs that can be created that will be unique to your own project. Besides a choice of colors, the design can include sweeping or sharp curves while the bricks can be laid in circles, waves or weaves patterns which will set your driveway and your home apart from your neighbors.

planting and gardens
Planting And GardensIt first starts with an idea, which turns into a plan, which turns into reality. We can help you design, build and maintain your garden areas for you. We can help create color for all seasons throughout the year or attract wildlife into the garden area. Whether your planting job is combined in a larger landscaping project or you are adding a garden bed to an existing area or just planting one tree, we will help you from start to finish. We have a number of different suppliers to pick our plant material from so you can be assured you will always receive the highest quality product.

rock garden
Rock GardenRock gardens fit today’s lifestyle with limited time for gardening. They help anchor a garden on a slope, can be a focal point or can be tied into a patio and they look good year round. Rocks and water are a natural fit, so a rock garden surrounding a small pond or waterfall can be a great investment. You can choose all types of rocks or special colors that suit the surroundings.

ponds and water features
Ponds and Water FeaturesThere is nothing more relaxing than the sounds of water in the backyard. We can create garden ponds full of steams and water falls that can house fish if you like. If you don't want the maintenance of a traditional pond or water garden, a pondless waterfall might be what you'd like.

power wash and polymeric sand
Power Wash and Polymeric SandIs your older interlocked patio or driveway full of weeds? Has the dirt built up, staining the surfaces and causing them to lose their natural colour? Power washing is the safest way to clear up those hard surfaces and restore them to their natural beauty. Once the dirt & weeds have been removed, we can sweep in Polymeric Sand which will seal the joints between the bricks. It will help improve the long term look of your project by stopping weed growth and bug and ant destruction.

If you have an older project that needs help, contact us and we can rejuvenate that patio or driveway and cut down on your maintenance time.

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