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frequently asked questions

How long does a landscape project take to be completed?
Depending on the size of the project, most usually take a week or less. Our crews focus specifically on your project only, until it is completed.
Are you covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)?
Yes. We are current and in good standing with the WSIB.
We have our own landscape drawings for a new project. Can your company read and build from drawings?
Yes. We simply need a copy of your latest revised drawings.
Should an edge restraint be installed?
Yes, an edge restraint around the perimeter of the pavers is essential for eliminating horizontal creeping of the pavers and loss of bedding sand.
Are the joints filled between the Interlocking pavers?
Yes, with clean, fine sand or premium polymeric sand. The sand should be dry so it will flow freely into the joints. The pavers are compacted during and after filling to begin interlock of the units and prevent sand from washing from the joints.
Why have a landscape design done?
Would you ever consider building a house without architectural plans? Well, planning a landscape is very similar. With a proper set of plans you can avoid many errors, and the design costs will more than pay for themselves, because they will save you from making those costly mistakes. Hiring a team of creative professionals with many years of experience ensures that the work is top-quality.
What makes you different from other contractors?
Matthew Behm Landscaping is a personalized landscaping company offering end to end landscaping services. We can help you with a design, installing the project or helping you maintain the work after. We will work with your schedule and budget and customize a solution that works for you.
What are your consultation and design fees?
Every consultation and design offered is included at no charge! We understand the importance of having a solid plan and can appreciate that you want to be able to compare designs & estimates with other companies.
When is the best time to landscape? Can we plant in the summer or only in the spring and fall?
Landscaping can begin in the spring as soon as the frost is out of the ground and can be done right up until the freeze in the fall. . Planting can be done throughout the year, however it is not advisable to try and plant trees or shrubs once they have leaved out  as their chance of survival is low.
Do you have a minimum contract?
There is no minimum contract amount, we will work with every budget.
Can I do my landscaping in phases?
Absolutely! We can discuss how to set priorities for work to be done immediately and what can be done in future phases.
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