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SoilGro-Max ™ Premium Garden Soil is formulated for maximal root growth with a blend of compost, aged bark fines, peat, sand and native topsoil. It is balanced for pH, water holding capacity and air porosity.

Triple Mix Supreme- excellent blend of sandy loam, aged mushroom compost, peatloam and composted pine mulch fines. A medium density soil that is used primarily for gardens but is not recommended for spreading on lawns
Topdressing- Topdressing is a fine blend of sandy loam, compost and aged bark fines used for topdressing lawns and amending existing gardens.

When spreading on your lawn, a depth between 1/4″ to 1/2″ should be used. When you first plant grass you can start with the best screened topsoil but once the grass is established, topdressing is the only way to properly replenish the lawn’s soil. Fertilizing will add nutrients to the existing soil; however it cannot replace the mixture of sandy soil and composted organic material that has been depleted.




TopdressTopdressing is the process of adding a fine layer of fresh soil to the lawn surface. Top dressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time. Another benefit of top dressing the lawn is that it will help to even out any lumps and bumps that are present on an uneven lawn, filling in any small hollows that may develop. Top dressing also stimulates the grass to produce new shoots and so results in denser grass cover, which helps combat the onset of weed and moss infestation.








MulchCedar Mulch-Freshly ground White Cedar bark with a fibrous texture and a strong cedar aroma; golden brown in colour. It knits together to help conserve soil moisture and prevent weed growth.







black mulch

Black MulchEnhanced Black Bark Mulch- A finely ground hardwood bark which has been colour enhanced with natural iron oxides to provide the black colour. This mulch has all the same benefits as Classic Cedar mulch.








RiverstoneThis stone is available in 4 different sizes. The dominant colours are white, red and black. The stone is naturally rounded. This colourful combination lends itself well to any environment and provides a natural, long lasting alternative to mulch.

- 3/8″
- 5/8″ – 3/4″
- 3/4″ to 1 1/2″
- 1 1/2″ to 2 1/2″
- 2 1/2″ to 5″








armour stone
Armour StoneArmour stone can be used to create large retaining walls on hills or in the construction of raised garden beds. They also make striking accent pieces, and can be easily incorporated into interlocking walls.

Random garden steps are an excellent option when building steps into a hill, or connecting a multi-level patio.

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