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We offer

We offer a full maintenance service for the homeowner, custom-designed to fit your ongoing needs and budget.

Weekly visits can include: lawn cutting, edge trimming of all lawn areas, garbage and debris pick-up and power blowing of all paved and walkway areas. We can also provide the following additional services:

aeration fertilizing
weeding shrub trimming

Standard Maintenance: This service includes: weekly lawn cutting - trimming of all grass edges along gardens, walkways and driveways - blowing off lawn area, walkways and driveways of excess grass clippings.
Intermediate Garden Maintenance Program: Includes all services provided in the Standard Maintenance Program plus trimming of shrubs and hedges as needed.
Premium Maintenance Program: Includes all services in the Intermediate Maintenance Program plus bi-weekly edging of garden beds and bed cultivation and weeding.
Spring Cleanup Option: Removal of dead branches, sticks and leaves and removal of winter coverings from plants and shrubs. Includes raking, cultivating and edging of garden beds, pruning of evergreens, hedges and shrubs.
Fall Cleanup Option: Winterizing perennials, removal of annual flowers from garden beds and pots, removal of all leaf and branches, cultivating and edging of garden beds and wrapping trees for winter protection.
Aerated Lawn Before and AfterAeration is the removal of small cores—or plugs of soil—which are then deposited on the surface. The small holes help to break up compacted areas and allow water and air to penetrate to the root zone. The need for aerating is often overlooked, but as sod ages, the soil underneath can become so compacted that there is little air in the soil, making it difficult for grass roots to absorb water and nutrients. Before long, the lawn can deteriorate, becoming more susceptible to weeds and attack by insects and diseases.
FertilizerFertilizing is important to the health your garden and ensures that the soil has enough nutrients to support the plants and grass. Over time weeds and plants can rob the soil of fertility and it is important to replenish various important nutrients.

Applying fertilizer rejuvenates the soil in your lawn and garden by restocking the Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium levels and also adds in additional micronutrients and organic materials.
weed control
Weed Control

Weed Control is comprised of two components: applying materials to stop the growth of weeds and manual removal of weeds during our weekly maintenance visit. Weeds are important to maintain as they compete with the flowers and plants that you have placed in the garden for critical nutrients and water.

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